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Former Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance has been indicted on four counts of perjury related to the $147,000 he made from the millions of dollars in no-bid contracts he gave to companies that were paying him on the side. He took 43 trips last year on our dime to enjoy rooftop parties in Miami, lavish restaurants in Vancouver, and steak dinners in San Diego.  Meanwhile, an ethics complaint has been filed against interim Superintendent Verletta White for also being paid on the side from companies doing business with Baltimore County Public Schools and not reporting.

This has caused a complete lack of trust in the leadership of Baltimore County Public Schools. The dollars wasted on these activities mean fewer resources for more teachers, newer schools, and textbooks for our children.

We shouldn’t allow our leaders to use their positions to enrich themselves with our hard-earned tax dollars.

Let’s stop this flagrant abuse of OUR tax dollars that is hurting our kids.

SIGN THE PETITION today to demand the Baltimore County Council does its job and takes action NOW to fix our broken school system!



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Ryan Nawrocki for Baltimore County Council