Correcting the Record

Unfortunately, Councilwoman Bevins is up to her usual dirty campaign tricks already. She obviously doesn’t want to run on her record of out-of-control development, sky-high violent crime rates, and overcrowded schools. So instead, she has decided to personally attack my family.

She sent protesters to my recent campaign event who, coincidentally, happen to be contributors to her campaign and have been appointed to a county commission by the Councilwoman. As if this weren’t ridiculous enough, she sent a reporter who happens to also be a political contributor to her campaign to cover the “protest”. This reporter then called to ask my wife and I outlandish questions regarding whether I was charged or convicted of domestic violence. Those are criminal charges, which are completely untrue and unfounded. The truth is simple, but unfortunately this politically motivated reporter wasn’t interested in covering the facts.

My wife and I are high school sweethearts. When we were very young we hit a bump in the road like many other couples have and we split up for a while. Not unlike many other couples who separate, we both filed for custody of our daughter. In the custody agreement process, under the mutual advice of our lawyers, we had a consent agreement drafted that detailed custody arrangements and support. We were also both legally advised at the time by our attorneys to file reciprocal protective orders to gain a leg up in our custody process.

In this entire process, as my wife and I have plainly attested, there was never any domestic violence as Councilwoman Bevins and her political cronies want to claim. Thankfully, my wife and I took a different route and were able to reconcile. We have an extremely happy marriage and have been blessed with three more beautiful children. I have no issue talking to anyone about these things, but I’m obviously not going to have a fair conversation with a reporter who is a political supporter of my opponent. It appears that based upon her history, this is the Councilwoman’s method of doing business and I’m sure she’ll try to throw more baseless attacks at me in the future.

I am going to keep spreading my message about the Councilwoman’s actual record of over-development, high violent crime rates and overcrowded schools.

Sadly, I was unaware how deep the corruption runs in this county. You can’t even trust some reporters to be objective because they’re already in the bag for the incumbent as has been demonstrated by a recent Baltimore Post article.

Ryan Nawrocki for Baltimore County Council