Learn Where Ryan Nawrocki Stands on the Important Issues Facing Our Community


The education system in eastern Baltimore County is failing our children. Every child deserves a world-class education that will prepare them to achieve their dreams. Our public schools are the foundation of our community and their quality is an issue that affects every family.  

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Public Safety

Violent crime was up 32% last year in eastern Baltimore County. The district needs a new advocate who will tackle these issues, address uncomfortable topics, and fight to properly allocate resources. It is time to stem the tide of this strong uptick in violent crime.

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Zoning & Development

Over-development in Baltimore County is simply out of control. It is a direct cause of school overcrowding and congested roadways. It also is a big contributing factor to the crime issues we are experiencing in our communities. 

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Our district currently has 10 intersections that are rated as a D or worse which can severely limit the ability for any economic development in these areas . Residents deserve a councilmember who will take a comprehensive look at congestion.

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Jobs & the Economy

Baltimore County currently has an unemployment rate of 4.6%, which is higher than the national rate and higher than every other suburban jurisdiction around Baltimore. The lack of focus on creating real, good-paying jobs in eastern Baltimore County is a serious problem.

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Ryan Nawrocki for Baltimore County Council